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Lindenmayer systems
A cool javascript to let you play with Lindenmayer String Systems...

Lindenmayer Systems

Using this menu will replace all data below!

More Info...

javascript provided by , 2006
Quick Controls:
GrammarTransformation Rules
F: Draw Line Of Length step
f: Move a distance of step without drawing
+: Angle clockwise of angle degrees
-: Angle counter-clockwise of angle degrees
[: Store current position (and angle)
]: Recall last stored position (and angle)
X, Y, Z: No action (but can be used in the transformation rules)
L, l, P, B, T: goodies for plants...
R(block1,block2): One of the blocks (chosen randomly) is executed.
All other characters are ignored.
Will be applied iteratively Number of Iterations times.
For example, the rules {F->F-fF+;f->f} will give
Iteration 1: F
Iteration 2: F-fF+
Iteration 3: F-fF+-fF-fF+
Iteration 4: ...
System Parameters
Initial String: Iterations: Adapt Step & Go...
F -> f ->
X -> Y ->
Z -> 
Rendering Options
Step (distance): Angle (degree):
Start Hor.:  Main (trunk) color:Click Here to Pick up the color
Start Vert.:  Leaves ('L') color:Click Here to Pick up the color
Line Width:  Fruits ('P') color:Click Here to Pick up the color
Iteration Resize Factor:Draw "natural" Background...
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