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Agent Concept(07-11-2015)
Here starts the development of an agent-based artificial terrarium. Come back in a few month to see if things have moved :-)

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ParametersNice future parameter; . Nice KPI...
CSE Display(10-12-2008)
Embedded page.
The real engine behind this CMS, a fully object oriented HTML object allowing to create webpages very easily with PHP. It supports natively AJAX, picture galleries, info-panels and much more!
CSE Php Universe(12-12-2008)
Embedded page.
PHP Universe is a tentative to implement a massively multi-player persistent universe in a futurist landscape of galactic merchants. You can try the game using as name and password demo.
The sourcecode is available on demand, but it is not orderly nor well designed.

Warning: due to some changes in the support of canvas, some graphics may look strange.
Fractals III(04-01-2012)
CSE Fractals III All fractal images on this website have been created with the Malab program CSE Fractals III written by L.Cavin. This program can be downloaded here for free.

This is a program for Matlab - you will require a running Matlab to start this software!

Features and Usage Call fractal_explore...
Image map generator(11-01-2009)
Embedded page.
A web-based utility to create image maps for your website.
Interstellar Economics(05-02-2017)
Here starts the development of a simulation of interstellar trade. Come in a few year to see if something moved... :-)

The size of the circle is (logarithmically) proportional to the population of the planet and hence the size of the market. The color of the planet indicates its technological level: red, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, violet in order of increasing tech level.
The colored bars indicate for each goods (one per tech level, marked with a s...
Jam Simulation(08-02-2013)
Still in a very early phase. Aim is to see whether traffic jams are an emerging properties of few parameters, or to explain differently, why traffic jams occur when the theoretical capacity of the street is not reached...
It is basically a 2-lane long road (it wraps around: when reaching the right side, it comes out of the left at the next lower position. Vehicles only leave the simulation when reaching the bottom right).

It follows the Swiss traffic laws: ov...
Jam Simulation 2(29-05-2017)
A new version with a completely different (and now extensible and flexible, but heavier) data structure.

It is running below capacity limit (ca every 25 frames for 2 lanes). You can see the emerging pattern of clusters of cars forming with stop-and-go behavior. This is emerging because cars only take the car in front of them as reference in order to decide whether to accelerate or break. (they also look on left and right to change lane, but this is here not the m...
Livret Pascal(13-01-2019)
Willst du mal deine Rechnungen
Luggage Planner(10-05-2013)
Having to pack again? Never forget anything anymore thanks to this Luggage Planner!
Password Database(10-02-2023)
Difficult to remember all those passwords on the web. Here you can list the website with its password. Of course, in most cases, you don't want the password to be accessible to anybody. But maybe the hint?
function plotter(07-03-2017)
Simple function plotter in canvas.

Internet Explorer Not Supported :(

ParametersFunction: value = f(a, b, parameters) Parameter vv*Math.pow(...
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