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CSE Content Management System(14-12-2008)
CSE CMS is a Content Management System.

A content management system is a software that allows to easily manage the content of your website, organizing the structure, generating automatically the layout for your documents in order to let you concentrate on the essential: the content itself.

There are already numerous CMS available on the web, and among them, the most famous are even freewares:
Well, sorry, but buying CSE CMS is not possible.

However, if you ask politely, you may download it for free - I have now a day job that pays the bills, so I provide software for the enrichment of mankind, not for my own...

The archive with all the necessary files, including the manual (as it appears on this website) can be downloaded here: [see Legal Blahblah be...
The basic system(14-12-2008)
The principle behind CSE CMS is quite simple:

After installing the script, you just create at the root level as many folders as languages you would like to support.

For example, assume you want english and french: - home directory - home for the english part - home for the french part

Now within those folders you build you site by placing folders for the desired content categories.
How To...(01-05-2010)
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