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Non Features
There are a couple of usual features that have been purposefully not included in CSE CMS, not because of lazyness, but because, for the author's puprpose, they were not desired.
These features include, but are not limited to:
  • Automatic registration - there is no form to register to the site. An admin has to add the names and password.
  • Syndication - not possible to generate a syndication stream. If your website is that lively, then you need another CMS...
  • Polls - pretty boring and unuseful. Easy to write a plug-in for it, if required...
Don't hesitate to ask for new features, that may get implemented, or (with higher probability), added to this list...

Some other features are missing and should be added in a future version:
  • Folder sorting - for now the "order" of the elements cannot be changed, it depends on the running system (however, folders come separately from files). That's not good. Changin is a lot of work, as it is surprisingly not supported by php... Note that a fix has been made in this version by using a custom CSE_content file, see here.
  • Moving folders - for reorganizing the site. Note that it is possible via FTP, of course.
  • Link analysis - a tool to correct wrong internal links.
  • Edition rights for users - admin can edit everything, users (and guests) nothing. Would be cool to allow edition specifically within 1 folder (and subfolders) to a user group.
  • ...
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