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Interstellar Economics
Here starts the development of a simulation of interstellar trade. Come in a few year to see if something moved... :-)

The size of the circle is (logarithmically) proportional to the population of the planet and hence the size of the market. The color of the planet indicates its technological level: red, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, violet in order of increasing tech level.
The colored bars indicate for each goods (one per tech level, marked with a small dot of the appropriate color) the amount of local stock (logarithmic scale). If there is a significant shortage a small whit tick will show the "normal" stock; if there is a significant surplus a dark tick will indicate the "normal" stock. The color of the bar indicates if the current local price of the good is higher or lower than the "average" galactical price. In absence of commerce, the planet (being a sink and a source of ressource) will slowly revert to the "normal" stock. However, it is possible to define a probability for perturbation that will impact the stock randomly (e.g. bad harvest, new mining operation, ...).
The lines indicate which commerce is active; the lighter the line, the more ship serve this connection. Blue line represent "small" merchant (low cargo, high cost per ton but low base and distance cost), while red lines are large bulk ships (large cargo, high base costs, low costs per ton). The merchants are randomly placed at each turn on planets and search a profitable option. If they find none, they do not make any trip. Profitable routes may remain unused for a while because no agent is placed on their starting point, in particular if very few merchants are included.

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ParametersPerturbation frequency: (probability of an event influencing stocks)
Simulation speed: ms pause between iterations (Pause and Continue simulation for changes to take effect )
Number of bulk merchants: (red lines)
Number of small merchants: (blue lines)
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