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Earth temperature(02-05-2010)
The global warming - also called "Climate Change" even if it must physically begin with a warming - is a key topic and therefore it is interesting to follow earth's average temperature. While I am fully unqualified to explain anything about climate (I am a chemical engineer), I will also play a bit with the data - just a game, no serious previsions there!

Interestingly, it is not at all obvious to answer the basic question: what is the temperature on earth? While we can ponctually measur...
Global Warming(10-08-2021)
This page is a working document. It is in no ways definitive, but represent the state, today of my reflections with regards to global warming. This is available on the web not to be used as reference, or to convince anybody that I am right, but in the opposite so that everybody out there can convince me that I am wrong.
State of today: going forward, but still mostly keywords. Will be completed over the next months...

"Today" is...
Smoking is healthy(02-01-2010)
The good thing with statistics is that you can prove anything.

I was suprised to see a clear connection between CO2 emissions and life expectancy on a website (slideshow, page 32, here), so I went to the source and tried some other combinations.

The good news is: Smoking is healthy for your kids - the more people smoke, the lower the infant mortality rate.

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