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Existence of God(01-05-2010)

Does God exist? This question is of course at the core of any discussion about religion. Being a scientist, and having not been blessed by the Gift of Faith, I have to resort to reason to investigate this question.

Let's begin with a fundamental question: in what do I believe? I think that as a scientist, I am forced to believe in causality. If there is no causality, than obviously there is no point in science, as nothing can be predicted based on current situ...
Pascal Wager(01-05-2010)
What is Pascal's Wager

What is Pascal's wager? It is a probabilistic formulation of expected values on how a reasonable person should behave with regards to religion. The question is tries to answer is: Based on the fact that we cannot know whether there is a God or not, what are the consequences of being religious or being atheist.

It is based on the probability theory which states that in order to choose under uncertainty, you can compute expected values by multiplying...
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