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Railroad Simulator
A javascript that allow to make nice railroad designs, for those seriously playing with their children that want topologically optimized designs...

Obviously under construction!

Railroad Simulation

Using this menu will replace all data below!

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javascript provided by , 2006
Quick Controls:
GrammarTransformation Rules
F: Draw Line Of Length step
f: Move a distance of step without drawing
+: Angle clockwise of angle degrees
-: Angle counter-clockwise of angle degrees
[: Store current position (and angle)
]: Recall last stored position (and angle)
X, Y, Z: No action (but can be used in the transformation rules)
L, l, P, B, T: goodies for plants...
R(block1,block2): One of the blocks (chosen randomly) is executed.
All other characters are ignored.
Will be applied iteratively Number of Iterations times.
For example, the rules {F->F-fF+;f->f} will give
Iteration 1: F
Iteration 2: F-fF+
Iteration 3: F-fF+-fF-fF+
Iteration 4: ...
System Parameters
Initial String: Iterations: Adapt Step & Go...
F -> f ->
X -> Y ->
Z -> 
Rendering Options
Step (distance): Angle (degree):
Start Hor.:  Main (trunk) color:Click Here to Pick up the color
Start Vert.:  Leaves ('L') color:Click Here to Pick up the color
Line Width:  Fruits ('P') color:Click Here to Pick up the color
Iteration Resize Factor:Draw "natural" Background...
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