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Cavin dot Name
News - After more than 2 years and 26964 visits, the english Joomla-version of this website is definitively replaced by the new CSE CMS version! The advantages? Much simpler to support, no database backend, easier to customize (for me) as it is home-made... And after 1 year with the new site we got 10'000 page views by more than 2000 users! Thanks for your interest!
Welcome on cavin dot name(03-02-2019) by L. Cavin
Hello Surfer!

Welcome on As you will see, this web site is basically a toy, a testbed for some web technologies I wanted to try. Whaterver the path that brought you here, you might find a few thing of interest:
  • Some data about the family name "cavin",
  • Software, like the CMS used here, to download,
  • Some introduction about Chaos and Fractals, as well as the supporting software,
  • And a wonderful selection of arts, where quantity tries badly to replace quality!
Anyway, have a nice surf and do come again - but not tooooo soon, as it won't be updated very often!

What makes it work(03-02-2019)
This website is done with a custom programmed system, CSE CMS, that creates dynamically a website based on a folder structure and text documents or pictures.
This is a very simple system that can be used for websites whose content i...
What are those flags(03-02-2019)
But what are those small flags on the top right of the page?

Indeed this is a major feature of this website. To respect the local cultures, and as a french-speaker living in a german-speaking region, I sort of feel important to provide some translations!
I fear however that not everythin...
Use the links in color (they get underlined when the mouse hover on them) to read whole items and use the Table of Content on the side for more...
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