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Allow comments
You can allow comments inline, on a given page of your site.

Just put in your content file the following tag:

That's all... but you're responsible to put it at a location that looks good on your page. Usually completely at the end, with a header above saying this is the comment section...

As a test, here you are:


1. Laurent Cavin, 02.05.2010, 15:05   [reply]
Enjoy the quick commenting system, added in CSE CMS today!

2. Laurent Cavin, 02.05.2010, 15:06   [reply]
And that's how another comment would look like.
Even with multiple lines.
And using html to put a link and bold or italic styles.

3. Hannot Nymous, 02.05.2010, 15:09   [reply]
Re: 2
And this is after clicking the "reply" link on the second comment.

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