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Make a custom page
It happens that just having the usual "blog-like" content of a folder is not enough for your aims.

This should of course be an exception, but typically, you may want your homepage to be a bit more than a list of blogs. Or you may want to have a funny layout for a sub-part of your site.

In any case, this can be done in CSE CMS, but sorry, it is not very user friendly yet. For changing the appearance of a folder, you have to add a file named CSE_content in that folder.

This file is formatted like a normal query string, which means: variable1=value1&variable2=value2 etc...

Allowed variables are the following:
TitlePage titleHome
PrependText to output before any "blog" contentThis is the menu on this site:<br>
Element[]As many "blog" element as desiredmust be "Blog" in this version
Name[]File name to display as "blog" elementmy_file or my_folder, one name must be present for each element.
Option[]Number of characters to display in the "preview" of the "blog".200 or -1: display the whole file, no "read more..." link, one option must be present for each element.
Author[]Add an author to your "blog"L.Cavin, one author (that can be empty) must be present for each element.
Text[]Text to display as preview in the "blog" element, only used if Option is set to zeroThis text replaces the first characters of the blog file. One text (may be empty) must be present for each element.
AppendText to output after any "blog" content<br>This was the menu on this site.

As you can see, the page is not anymore displaying automatically the content of the folder, therefore if you add a new document or a new subfolder, it will not appear. Therefore this should be used only in special cases.

Example: (Homepage of this website)
Element[]=Blog&Name[]=Welcome_on_cavin_dot_name&Option[]=-1&Author[]=L. Cavin&Text[]=&
Append=<br><br>Use the Table of Content on the right for more...
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