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Arbitrary link
Sometimes, a page or a folder just do not fit in only one category. For example you have a category where you present your graphical art, and another where you regroup souvenirs from your trips. Where do you put your wonderful sketches drawn while in Bali?

The solution is to place it in the most relevant category (e.g. "Graphical Arts") and to add a link to it in your second category (e.g. "World impressions"). This is supported in CSE CMS:

In the second category (e.g. en/World_Impressions), you place a file with the name you want to display as link title, followed by .link (i.e. In the file, you type the path of the target (e.g. en/Graphical_Arts/Bali), and that's all.

Links are then recognized and published with a text like "See also..." followed by the link. Clicking on read more... of course follows the link. Moreover, the item is now listed in italics in the table of content.

Example: Fractal Art in Fractals.
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