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Embed a page
It is very useful to be able to embed a full webpage within a site. For instance if you have designed stand-alone pages and want just to display them within your normal design, or if you want to give access to external information without having the user leaving your site.

This can be done within CSE CMS. The basic method is to add a file with the extension .embed at the location where the link should be placed.

Within this file, give a string with the following structure:
link=url_of_the_page_to_embed&text=introductory text to display.

For example, the THACOTBBF embed is made with a file called THACOTBBF.embed and with the following content:

link= remove your hat before entering The Holy Azure Church Of The Blue Burning Flame!

There is an alternative if you want to have a larger space for embedding, it consists in using the extension .exbed. You can see the difference by checking the CSE Display link.
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