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Make a Picture Gallery
Making a picture gallery is very similar to posting new content. Instead of adding text files within a folder, you just add pictures.

However, CSE CMS is not that smart, and you have to tell him that the folder is containing picture gallery by adding a file named CSE_Gallery.txt in the folder.
Then a gallery is generated:
  • picture are represented by thumbnails linking to the picture that appears in a popup-window from the same size as the picture,
  • nested folders are presented as "Chapters" for the gallery, by a thumbnail also and link to a new similar page,
  • non-picture content of the folder is ignored,
  • as nested folders are considered also galleries, all non-picture content of nested folder is also ignored.

You can see a demo gallery.

  1. Thumbnails for pictures and folders are generated automatically if you have the graphic library GD (must be, and usually is, installed by your provider). For the thumbnail creation, the folder must be writeable for the web-user, i.e. usually drwxrwxrwx temporarily. Revert afterwards to drwxr-xr-x.
  2. If no GD is installed, you should provide the thumbnails in a subfolder named tn. Thumbnails for folders must be png files with the same name as the folder. Thumbnails for pictures must have the same name (and type) as the picture.
  3. You can add a small header text to your gallery page by adding a file named intro.txt with the desired header in the folder.
  4. The table of content will list the subfolder of your gallery (and the search engine may give those subfolders as "hits"). Therefore, it is advised to put the CSE_Gallery.txt file in your subfolders also, otherwise the CMS will display them as blog and display the raw binary image code as text...
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