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Provide Translation
Clicking on a language flag, by default, will send the user to the homepage in this language. This is reasonable, as the CMS has no way to know whether the content is equal in every languages. However, you may want to provide more specific links so that users in the english version of your "Namibia" pages are sent directly to the "Namibie" pages when clicking on the french flag.

This is not supported for documents in this version. However, it is supported for folders. Clicking on a flag while reading a document within a folder that contains translation indications will lead to the translated folder, where the document will likely by visible.

In order to provide translation information, you have to add a file names CSE_translate in a directory. This file will contains the path for the languages where a translation exists.
For example for the folder in english /Travels/Africa/Namibia/, the file may be the following:
fr: fr/Voyages/Afrique/Namibie/
de: de/Reisen/

Put only one language per line! Not all languages must be specified, languages that are not specified will link to the home page. Of course the structure may be different in other languages. Translation links are arbitratry (e.g. a sub-category may not exist in a language and hence you "translate" to the main category, like to a general "Reisen" = "Travels" for the german translation in the example above). But links must stay within your website - external links will not work.

You can check the french link below will send you to a similar structure in french, while the german link will send you to the homepage, not being specified in the CSE_translate file for the folder containing the current document.
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